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When you need a video surveillance system to improve your business, trust IP3 SOLUTIONS - VOICE DATA VIDEO in Charlotte, North Carolina, to deliver sound packages. Whether you're familiar with these systems or you're performing research, our sales reps can help select the right equipment and recommend training services, too.

Surveillance Camera

Video Surveillance

Today's security needs for businesses are at an all-time high. Staff abuse of resources, warehouse theft, and liability insurance cost increases due to behaviors beyond your control can impact your businesses' profitability, insurance costs, and overall staff morale. Video surveillance systems from IP3 SOLUTIONS can reduce or even eliminate all of these issues. With our help, you can monitor your business anywhere you have an Internet connection worldwide and email files to law enforcement at the touch of a button. Our product selections include:

Digital Video Recorders with 2 to 200 Channel Capability with Remote Access, Backup, and Control Functions | IP or Coaxial Systems and Video Networks | Infrared Spotlighting, Recording, and Archiving at Night | Linux or Unix Based Server Hardware that Ensures 100% Uptime